Paint is great for walls – not for doormats

Imported coco doormats have painted designs that are cheap to produce & look nice until you use the mat. The paint wears away quickly & soon you need to buy another mat.

  • Electrostatically flock mats with tiny nylon fibers that embed in the mat
  • Provides a rich, textured appearance
  • Stands out better than paint

Coir Mat High Quality

The DeCoir approach is different than many others

DeCoir® Entrance Mats are made to last for years and we have carefully curated our design offerings so that you won’t need to throw away a dated doormat. Our designs are timeless, elegant and will add a classic look to the entrance of any home.

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Founded in 1889, we are the only manufacturer of coir doormats (coco mats) that operates in the USA. Every other coir mat you see in stores and online was made abroad. We are proud to employ American workers who help make sure that DeCoir® Entrance Mats are the best in the industry.

Made In the USA

Almost every doormat you see is the same size: 18” x 30”. That size is great for a lot of single doors. However, doors and entrance ways come in a multitude of sizes ranging in width from 28” to beyond 70”. You need more doormat size options and we provide them. From the standard 18” x 30” doormats to double doormats for grand entrances and everything in between: we have the right mat for your doorway.

Standard Single Door

Size: 18" X 30" Mat

Large Single Door

Size: 24" x 36" Mat

Standard Double Door

Size: 24" X 48" Mat

Large Double Door

Size: 24" X 60" Mat