Answer: DeCoir® doormats are available online at, Wayfair, and Houzz. Other designs are also sold at Walmart, Ace Hardware, True Value, Do It Best, and many other fine retailers.

Answer: Yes. Please contact to learn more about placing bulk orders.

Answer: Other designs are sold through retailers but online we only offer the designs shown on this website for single item orders. We do accept custom designs for bulk orders.

Answer: We only offer black designs online although other colors are available for custom bulk orders.

Answer: No. Our mats are made in an assortment of standard sizes that should fit almost any entrance. We do offer commercial rolls which can be cut to any size.

Answer: Look on the tag to see if the doormat was made in the USA. If it is, it is manufactured by us.

Answer: Yes. We recommend a sheltered entrance to prolong the life of the mat.

Answer: Our mats can easily handle normal moisture but should not be exposed to direct rainfall or sprinklers.

Answer: You can brush, vacuum, or shake your doormat.

Answer: Turn your doormat over to let the water escape. Let the mat dry in the sun. Eventually the mat’s color will even out.

Answer: No. We do not use dyes in our yarn. However, similiarly to wet leaves leaving stains on concrete, the residue is a result of the natural coir fibers having significant, prolonged exposure to moisture. A light bleach solution will remove the stain.

Answer: Coir fiber is produced from coconut husks. The greener the coconut husk the lighter the yarn. Eventually, all DeCoir® doormats will darken to a rich brown color.

Answer: Because every coconut is different, slight variations of color on the face of your doormat are normal. The color will even out as the mat is used.