Commercial Products

Commercial Rolls

If you have a need for larger mats than what our pre-cut sizes provide, U.S. Cocoa Mat also offers large rolls of our coir fiber mats for commercial use. Rolls are available in several sizes up to 40' long and 78 3/4" wide.


If you need to make the mat fit with straight wall contours or corners, you can make it fit using a sharp knife and straight edge. Because of its construction, our mats will not fray when cut. Although our mats are primarily used to cover flat surfaces, it is also ideal in recessed areas, where it should be trimmed slightly smaller than the areas borders to allow for expansion of the absorbent fibers. It is not specifically recommended that these mats be fastened to the floor surfaces because the product tends to expand slightly when water is absorbed, however it may be glued down if preferred. It is recommended that these mats be installed in a weather-protected area to maximize its efficient cleaning ability, since most entrance mats lose efficiency by direct exposure to the weather elements.

Other Recommended Uses

The potential uses for our mats are almost limitless: Malls, Airports, Schools, Churches, Hotels, Office Buildings, Apartments, etc. Use anywhere building access areas need floor covering to protect the building interior.

Available Thickness

  • 15MM – Approx. 9/16″
  • 17MM – Approx. ⅝”
  • 30MM – Approx. 1-3/16″

Available Width

  • 72″
  • 72″
  • 72″

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms: Net 30 days
  • Prices: FOB St. George, SC

Please contact for additional information.

Drag Mats

We manufacture special 30 mm thickness mats in a range of sizes that are ideal for dragging baseball diamonds. Please contact for additional information.

Available Sizes:

Cocoa Mop 18" X 24"
Cocoa Drag Mat 4' X 2'
Cocoa Drag Mat 6' X 2'
Cocoa Drag Mat 6' X 4'