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Double Doormats

Double doormats are our flagship product at DeCoir®. Choosing the right doormat for your entrance will improve the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your entryway.

Doormats are the first thing people see in your entryway. They not only enhance the appearance of an entryway, they also provide a necessary function for keeping the interior of your home as clean as possible. Double Doormats are ideal for homes with large entrances or double doors. Homes and entryways have gotten larger, however most manufacturers have not caught up with this trend. DeCoir has your back - or at least your mat.


Small or undersized foormats look silly in front of large double doors.

A doormat is the first thing people see when entering your home, and an appropriately sized doormat adds a sophisticated, classy touch to a large entranceway.


A large doormat that fits your doorway ensures that every shoe entering your home has scraped the fabric of your doormat.

DeCoir’s Double Doormats are the ideal solution to maintaining a clean household while adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to the exterior of your home.

2 Sizes of Double Doormats to Select From

24" x 48" Standard Double Door

A double doormat designed for smaller double doors and looks great with patio and porch doors.

Specifications: 23.5" x 47.5"

24" x 60" Large Double Door

Our flagship double doormat product. This mat is ideal for most double doors and large entrances.

Specifications: 23.5" x 59.5"

We Offer
3 Timeless

Natural Tan

Charleston Border

Classic Border

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Classic Border

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Charleston Border

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