Many houses have single doors where a ‘normal-sized’ 18” x 30” doormat fits well. However, increasingly homes are being built with doors and entrances that are larger and grander. You should have a doormat that ‘fits’ your doorway and DeCoir offers an assortment that allows you find the right mat.

We’ve put together size suggestions based on the type of door and size of entrance. However, we recognize that people’s tastes differ: choose the size that’s right for you.

1) Pick a Size

The first step to picking the perfect doormat is deciding on a size.

18” x 30”

The most common size for doormats, the 18” x 30” is ideal for single doors and smaller entrances.

24" x 36"

A 24” x 36” doormat usually fits this entrance well. A single door with large sidelights may look best with a 24” x 48” mat.

24" x 48"

A double door should have a double doormat. Our 24” x 48” small double doormat is ideal for entrances w/ smaller double doors, French doors, & doors w/ large sidelights.

24" x 60"

A 24” x 60” double doormat will perfectly complement the beautiful large entrance of your home.

2) Pick A Design

The second step to picking the right doormat is deciding on a design.

Pineapple Welcome

Greek Key

Classic Border

Charleston Border

Natural Tan