All of our mats are manufactured in St. George, South Carolina.

DeCoir natural tan (plain) mats are ideal for people interested in crafting their own designs onto mats whether for their own personal use or re-sale. Our doormats are the only coir mats made in the USA. We strive to produce the highest quality product available and are passionate about delivering excellent mats to our customers. Because we manufacture our mats in the USA, we are able to respond to orders in days rather than weeks or months.


DeCoir offers four sizes for blank doormats which are appropriate for the scale of different entryways:

18″ x 30″

Natural Tan Single Door Entrance Mat


24″ x 36″


24″ x 48″


24″ x 60″

Natural Tan Large Double Door Entrance Mat

Natural Tan Large Double Door Entrance Mat

Our larger sizes are ideal for double doors and large entrances (24" x 60" pictured).

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